Saturday, August 16, 2014

walking tips

George’s Walking Tips:
Choose asphalt over concrete, dirt over asphalt
Choose community / neighborhood street over traffic flow street
Choose back alleys over neighborhood streets
Take a new route rather than an old route
Return a different way
Take shortcuts even though they are longer
Pick up money, even if a penny, put it in a walking jar
Notice side paths and follow them. They go somewhere, probably a short cut, or to an interesting place. Human game trails.
Keep a soft-eyed open gaze. You’ll see more, be perceived as less of a threat, get in less trouble.
No marching! Amble. Amble fast or amble slow, but amble. You are amble-utory. You will not need an amble-ulance.
Stop, look and listen. At any time. For as long as you care to.
If you have a watch, leave it at home. You will get there when you get there. And you never get there, you are always here.
Carry a teeny notebook to record your teeny thoughts.
Keep your head up and look around.
Let your head not bounce up and down. Keep an even keel.

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