Saturday, August 16, 2014


Street conversation this morning. (Note: Neither of us was stuporous. We were both clear faced and open.) --
He: I'm stranded. I need money to get home.
Me: I have heard that story for 25 years. We are all stranded and need to get home.
He: (Grins) I must admit I had a drink last night.
Me: So did I.
(Mutual laughter)
He: I just spoke with a woman who said she was atheist. She wanted to know what I believed. I said we are from Mother Earth and will return to her. We walk in between Mother Earth and Father Sky.
Me: Yes. We are in between here.
He: It's Purgatory.
Me: Sometimes it's Hell.
He: (Grins) Yes.
We (simultaneously): And sometimes it's Heaven.
We break out laughing.
He: I love you, man.
We go our separate ways.


  1. love this one, geo. . . i smile big.

  2. Wonderful conversation!

  3. Reminds me of my walk in Flagstaff in Picture Canyon from the cabin rental when I was there and it was incredible! Cant wait to go back


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