Wednesday, January 26, 2011

move photo posting

I'm thinking of shutting this blog down, posting instead on facebook. Posting photos here is a laborious process, having to post one photo at a time, the process taking up to 20 or so minutes. With facebook, it's click, click, click and it's done. Comments on facebook are also more plenteous, more rapid, and easily promotes communication amongst the commenters. Your thoughts?


  1. I understand you're wanting to save time and make your postings efficient. I love your photos and would like to continue to see them. Moving to Facebook would require that I create an account there, and manage it thereafter, which I have managed to avoid so far.

  2. Good morning, George,
    I recreated a facebook page for myself last week. I was really reluctant to do so because of a deep lack of trust in the organization behind it. But that's the price I was willing to pay to see some of my friends photos.
    That' my 2 cents worth... and it's probably not worth that.

  3. I like this venue, mostly because there is a personal message in my inbox every morning as my day starts. . . it has become part of the inspiration that moves with me through the day.

    An adjustment is certainly possible.

  4. Plus the archived layout is nice

  5. i too would miss your photos, for i am also very reluctant to join facebook. but sometimes you just have to simplify. i'll get by with your words instead:)~apl

  6. Solvitur ambulando...!

  7. Sorry to not be able to give you a definitive "yea" or "nay" on your idea, George, but here's a bit of personal experience:

    I'm trying to cut back somewhat on my Facebook visits because they take so much time. Therefore, I visit your Walking Flagstaff blog at least every few days so I can view your recently posted photos. On Facebook, if I miss a day, your posts are gone for good, in a practical sense. It would take forever to go through 24 or 48 hours of earlier posts on my Facebook wall.

    So, I agree with Anonymous's comment above about the archive benefit of this blog.

    But, as you know, George, I too wrestle with the Facebook versus blog(s) issue. I'm seeing more and more of my favorite bloggers cutting back on their posting time in favor of Facebook. Overall, I don't think it's a good trend. But there are only so many hours in a day.

    Selfishly, I wouldn't like to see your Walking blog go away, but, brother, I completely understand.

  8. One other thing ... there would be no issue here and I would not have even commented if your photos weren't so damn interesting, George. Plenty of people post photos on their Facebooks and blogs ... ho-hum and snooze. Yours, however, are often terrific. You spot everyday things and frame them in a way that shows me how the mundane is really quite special. Yes,I'd say they're spiritually infused photos.

  9. Hello, George -

    The last thing I wish to do is make additional work for you (you already do so much for all of us who love your art and words), so please consider the following comments with the understanding that they are not meant to override the priority, which is easing your workload.

    Like a few of the others, I am not a Facebook user. It is not a matter of the technology, but rather a combination of privacy issues and the task of logging into and checking yet another e-account. Your posts are there when I check my e-mail box, and I look forward to them as a bright spot in what is generally less-than-enlightening correspondence. So, yes, from a selfish standpoint, I would vote to keep the blog there, but as one of the community that is revived and cheered by your posts, I vote that you choose the technology that best meets your own needs.

  10. I am a Facebook user, so moving to that forum would not inconvenience me. I echo Cynthia's sentiments above--I DO really look forward to seeing this in my email inbox as a bright spot in my day, and I also appreciate the archive function . . . BUT you should do what is best for YOU . . . and the rest of us will adjust . . . or not . . . the value of choice. :)

    Debby :)

  11. Hi George,

    Whatever is best for you my friend. I appreciate being able to see the world through your eyes, and I can do that either here or on Facebook.

    I do feel the blog is shared among a more intimate group who are more "like-minded" than the larger audience on FB -- that is more of a comment on my friend list than yours, by the way. At the same time, reaching out to a larger group, and allowing the followers of this blog to share insights with that larger group into what makes us all one is needed now more than ever.

    Like others who have commented, I have cut back on my FB time over the last six months or so, but I will gladly go there more often if that is where your "Walking Flagstaff" photos are going to be. I echo the earlier comments -- please do what is best for you.

    Thanks for the light you shine!

  12. I say a definate NO to only Facebook postings...
    I had an account there, got breeched, had problems, closed down, started again, and closed again permanently... My better half Francis enjoys your photos at Facebook, but I prefer here... too many issues at those social network sites.. That's my opinion. thanks for posting where ever you do decide to go George, Harlan


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