Thursday, January 20, 2011

thursday docent training


  1. I took a seat with a good view though when the museum director, Dr. Bob Breunig, began his talk to us about the Museum's history and purposes, I was enthralled and did not look out the window until break time. The museum logo on the lectern is an adaptation of a design from a Hopi pottery jar by Harold Colton, co-founder of the museum with Mary Colton his partner and wife back in 1928. I like it -- an intriguing symbol of many potential meanings. Kathy Farretta, the museums's Education Program Manager and fount of knowledge guided us through the afternoon with a deeper understanding of our role as interpreters and story tellers rather than just pointers to "things" and reciters of historical dates.

  2. "Guiding" people on a ""Journey of better understanding"... Sometimes an in-depth interp. moment arises, and sometimes just a "Hey, look over there" is good... Different people need different levels of information, (Those that ask a thousand questions, and those that let the scene speak for itself). That's what's cool about interp. Being both subjective and objective, there's a lot of room for "story telling" wrapped up with some history... I think your going to make an excellent docent... Or at least as your son put it, "Decent Docent"... :)

  3. Yes, I would enjoy a guided tour by you--next time I'm in Flagstaff! Thank you again. Eve


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