Tuesday, January 24, 2012

a blustery chilly day


  1. Nice to see a rabbit among the dog and cat photos.

  2. I need #53 in my rock garden. Those books would be divine out there.

    And #30 looked like a terracotta statue of you, George. <3

  3. Someones got some cold toes... new creature? THey have to make the bottle of soap for the bathroom? ONCe I hung out blue jeans in CO when I did not have a dryer and they were stiff as a board it was a HOOT! Your Raven...Great photo's of the MIGhty Holy PEaks...ROLL on... walking ...George ... WHat a beautiul Blue SKy Day! THanks Geezer..

  4. The photo of the flag was cool!

  5. geo
    glad they label the city hall hand sanitizer with permanant marker. it is important to mark territory and property. we can't have people run nilly willy swiping gov't property.


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