Tuesday, September 13, 2011

memorial to 3 walks

At age 63 (10 years ago) I decided to walk the Imogene Pass Run as fast as I could. I had no idea what I was in for. I wore hiking boots, jeans, and carried a Walmart back pack. Hahahahaha. I did it again at age 64 and 65, but in more suitable attire. My times: 2001, 6:44:42 ; 2002, 5:53:28; 2003, 6:32:09.
"The Imogene Pass Run (IPR) is a 17.1 mile point-to-point mountain race within the western San Juan mountains of Colorado, run along a route which connects the towns of Ouray (7810 ft.) and Telluride (8750 ft.) by way of 13,114 foot Imogene Pass."

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  1. I am impressed, George! Healthy body, mind and spirit will carry you a long way and in good time--obviously! You go!


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