Thursday, October 21, 2010

out and about: street scenes


  1. I like the "something wicked this way comes" cloud moving in over the church, the flicker leaping into the air with wings yet unspread, the shedding golden tree, the theater crowd, the plaid fiddler, the colorado river vest pile, and the other photos are so-so.

  2. Each photo is splendid in its own right. It is a story. Suppose a teacher might use these to teach creative writing by posing a query. . . "tell a story about why / how all of those bikes are in a row", or "how might that wicked cloud impact a family", or "what happened that compelled someone to post a 'no peddlers, agents, or solicitors' sign, or if the life jacket pile could speak, what would it say of its collective journey. I enjoy the photos you post.


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